SEO Basics: What to do and What NOT to do

While the internet is teaming with content, using proper SEO techniques is the only way to get your content to the forefront. So, for our inaugural post at DigiTent Galaxy, we will be examining various SEO methods that will help and hurt your website or your content.

These tactics are all learned from leading digital marketing classes and research, so all advice is current for 2017. 

What To Do:


  • Keeping an eye on your website or created content stats, documenting each and every trend possible, and adjusting your content accordingly is one of the best SEO practices at your disposal.
  • With services like GoogleTrends and your website’s analytics service(s), you have all of the data at your fingertips necessary to allow you to connect the right kind of content to the right kind of audience.
  • These analytics will begin to reveal the keywords you should be optimizing by showing you how well specific optimized content is performing.

Build Trust

  • A “backlink” is one of the most used words in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Websites that appear more trustworthy will rank higher than those who don’t
  • Google will rank your website based on various trust markers, like: Social Media presence, website SSL (security) services, and backlinks.
  • Backlinks are probably the most impactful, as they are links to your website and content that is posted or hosted on another website. The more backlinks from other trustworthy sources, the higher your SEO Rankings and the better your content will perform on search engines.


  • Proper keyword optimization will guide your audience to your content. Using keywords relevant to your site and your content will aid in search engine performance.
  • Keywords must sound natural and posts cannot be injected with keywords for the sake of keyword optimization. All keywords must be relevant to the post, and must sound natural within the post itself.
  • Proper SEO management means having to know the keywords related to your content and audience, and optimizing your posts and created content to aid in search engine performance.

What NOT to Do

Overuse Keywords

  • SEO is a tricky practice. You would automatically assume that injecting your posts and content with every possible keyword would be the best way of amassing an audience. This is not the case.
  • Google will rank pages with overused keywords or unnatural sounding optimization lower than those who properly use SEO Keyword optimization because the content from those sites will appear to be more valid and trustworthy.
  • The “trustworthy factor” is what impacts your SEO performance higher than anything.

Content Creation W/O Strategy

  • In the past, the belief regarding content creation went like this: “The more, the better.” As long as content was being released on a regular basis, the quality shouldn’t matter. This is changing as New Media becomes more and more prevalent in our society.
  • Because of this past strategy, it is difficult in the current climate of content creation, to break from the rest of the pack to show off your brand or web page. Having a content strategy will allow your site to stay on brand.
  • Having a catalog of trusted content will not only gain you a larger audience, but it will be a sustained audience who will keep coming back from the on-brand content you provide.

Final Thoughts:

  1. Keywords Are Key

  2. Building Trust is Important To Gaining an Audience

  3. Constantly Track Your Analytics

  4. Create Interesting and Unique On-Brand Content for Proper Audience Retention

  5. SEO Practices are Best When They’re FREE!!!

If you properly have your website optimized for the keywords your content surrounds, having to do forms of advertising other than SEO will be mostly unnecessary. Because if your content is good, and you’re constantly updating your site with new and unique content, then you should be set up to gain an audience as long as you keep these SEO basics in mind.

Optimize your unique content to gain and keep an audience!

For information about the best and newest SEO practices directly from industry leaders, check out this article on SEMRush.


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