How to Successfully Boost SEO with Social Media Marketing

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Keep Your Content Unique  

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting a blog comment, Facebook comment, Tweet, or blog post: anything you create should be unique. It’s okay to retweet or repost, just as long as you add your own perspective here and there as well. Search engines love original content as there won’t be many other blogs competing for the same keywords.

Gain Followers Naturally 

Just as you can’t buy traffic for your website, you cannot buy followers on social media. While there are companies that offer to sell traffic and followers, buying does not count since the followers are either just robots or not interested. Plus, you’ll hurt your SEO efforts if you don’t earn everything the right way as Google has ways to detect it. Gain followers organically by sharing relevant, unique content and engaging with them. It’s better to have ten genuine followers than 10,000 fake ones. 

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SEO Basics: What to do and What NOT to do

While the internet is teaming with content, using proper SEO techniques is the only way to get your content to the forefront. So, for our inaugural post at DigiTent Galaxy, we will be examining various SEO methods that will help and hurt your website or your content.

These tactics are all learned from leading digital marketing classes and research, so all advice is current for 2017. 

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DigiTent Galaxy Mission Statement

At DigiTent Galaxy, our purpose is to guide and teach unschooled content creators about all of the practices in new media marketing and digital content creation. Through our posts, we hope to cover a wide array of topics ranging from film techniques to the best SEO practices. DigiTent Galaxy is a One-Stop library of digital marketing knowledge in this world of New Media.